None of the live feed streams available to access through this site are hosted on this or any other server under our control.

Even if you don't see any logo from the original site (like Justin TV, to just give one example), the player/live feed file itself is still hosted by Justin TV on their servers and not here, nor on any other server we have access to.

If there are any DMCA copyright issues, you'll have to contact the site that is hosting the player/live feed.
We can not remove any file from a server we don't have access to.

Moreover, there is no way for us to establish, legally or otherwise, whether any of the sites we use are hosting the content we use illegally or whether they have any agreements/contracts with copyright holders and licensing collecting agencies or not.

We therefore can only assume that they are acting "in good faith" and that by allowing us to link to their content, they do not make us, God forbid, accomplice to any copyright or licensing violations.

The "Copyright © AZ Goal" notice in the footer of this site only applies to the logo/design/layout/programming of the website. It does in no way represent any claim on copyrights of any of the live feed streams available on this site.

In order to emphasize it even further we could sum it up in 5 main points:

  • AZ Goal is a database of links

    This website is database of direct links to third party Video Sharing websites like MegaVideo, Zshare, Justin TV, and more.

  • AZ Goal does not host any videos.

    This website does not host any videos or video files. No video files are stored on this server.

  • AZ Goal only adds videos of Video Sharing websites.

    This website does only add videos & streams if they are available on Video Sharing websites like Zshare.com and Megavideo.com. or Justin.tv

  • AZ Goal is a non-profit website.

    We do not receive any monetary compensation for running this website. This is essentially a non-profit website intended for Football fans ( offering free access to all, without involving any kind of payment ). Due to increased web-hosting costs however, we have been forced to place ads on the site. Nontheless, the income from these ads are only used to pay for web-hosting.

  • AZ Goal does not upload any material.

    We do not upload any videos to these websites nor we encourage uploading of copyrighted material.